Beurmond Banville, President
Josh Philbrook, Vice-President
Georges Theriault, Race Marshall (IWC250)
John Pelletier, Race Marshall (WJC60 & PBC30)
Miaja Jackson, Race Marshall (WJC60 & PBC30)
Nick Pesut, VMD, Chief Veterinarian
Dennis Cyr, Trail Boss
Stan Flagg, Race Coordinator
Dave Hartt, Race Coordinator
Allan Dow, Race Coordinator

The Can-Am Crown Race Committee (CACRC) is a small group of key officials who are empowered to delay or abort a race if conditions become too dangerous.

The CACRC is composed of the Can-Am Crown President, Vice-President, Race Coordinators, Race Marshal, Chief Veterinarian, and Trail Boss.

Wherever a majority vote of the CACRC is required,each person shall have only one vote, regardless of the number of offices that person may hold in the CACRC.

A list of the members of the CACRC shall be provided to the Race Marshal before the race begins. If the Race Marshal must make a determination in any dispute from the start of the race to the finish, he/she shall first communicate with the Can-Am Crown Race Committee or attempt to do so.

The start of a race may be delayed (for a maximum of 24 hours) only by majority approval of the CACRC.

A race in progress may be terminated or delayed (for a maximum of 24 hours) only by majority approval of the CACRC. If the Race Marshal believes that conditions are imminently life-threatening, then he/she, with the permission of 3 or more Directors, may halt the race (for a maximum of 2 hours) until the members of the CACRC are notified and polled.

In the case of a tie vote within the CACRC, then the President’s vote shall be the deciding vote.