Answer the telephone.

Maintain communication with the Can-Am Central Ham Radio operators.

Relay information to the public and to the computer operators at the center.

Enter information on the charts. Keep the charts current.

Familiarize yourself with the directory of personnel.

Contact a Can-Am director if there is an emergency or a situation that you question. (Refer to the Can-Am Central directory for the current list of race marshals and directors.)

Take messages and relay them to the proper people.(Relay all messages that are unanswered or unclaimed to the volunteers on the next shift.)

Identify all articles brought in by anyone, noting where they should go and who brought them in.

Keep the area clean. Clean off tables and counters.Keep coffee pots full.

Only the alcoholic beverages sold by Lonesome Pine are allowed on the premises. (Do not allow any other alcoholic beverages in or around the building.)

Can-Am Central closes at 12 noon on Tuesday, the day of the 250 Awards Ceremony.

Pack up all supplies and equipment. Return all equipment that was borrowed or left behind.

Clean out the center. Throw out the garbage.

Leave charts on display for the closing ceremony.

If there are still teams on the trail Tuesday afternoon, a skeleton staff will be maintained to record finish times, update charts, collect and copy veterinary diaries*, and update the Can-Am Crown website.

*Veterinary diaries should be returned to mushers either immediately after copying or at the Awards Ceremony.

Frances LaBrie
Fort Kent, ME