Nick Pesut, VMD
P.O. Box 352
Presque Isle Animal Hospital
Presque Isle, ME 04769
(207) 764-6392

Nick Pesut, VMD Nick
  Dr. Nick Pesut graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. He has practiced at the Presque Isle Animal Hospital in Presque Isle, Maine since 1984, and he and his wife Andrea have owned the practice since 1991. Nick has worked at every Can-Am Crown as a trail vet, and this will be his fifteenth year as chief veterinarian. He has also worked the Eagle Lake 100 since its inception. Nick's greatest enjoyment at these sled dog races has been meeting and working with some wonderful people from the volunteers to the mushers and the veterinary staff. Nick is a member of the AVMA, MVMA, and ISDVMA. Veterinary medicine has been a great profession for Nick, and the Can-Am Crown races have been among his most enjoyable veterinary experiences.

1. The Chief Veterinarian shall have established skill in medicine and surgery. Previous exposure to sled dogs and their unique problems is essential, as are flexibility and the ability to work with others in sometimes trying conditions

2. Can-Am Crown’s Chief Veterinarian must have had at least 3 years experience as a trail veterinarian or Chief Veterinarian in mid to long distance races. He/she shall have served as a Can-Am Veterinarian in at least one of the last two years.

3. The Chief Veterinarian must acquire a working knowledge of the race rules.

4. The Chief Veterinarian shall sign an annual contract, agreeing to accept the position and adhere to the rules of the race. He or she shall receive an honorarium.

5. The Chief Veterinarian shall take responsibility, or delegate authority, for the following:

6. The Chief Veterinarian shall maintain, as nearly as possible, continuous communication with the Race Marshal and the veterinary staff during the races.