Provide two-way radio communications throughout the race from each checkpoint to Net Control in Fort Kent.


The lookout is situated about 10-15 minutes out on the trail to warn the checkpoint of incoming dog teams. CB radios or ham radios are recommended equipment for this job.


Communications personnel must use proper FCC protocol in all broadcasts. They should be present at all checkpoints on the day of the race start to ensure adequate communications throughout the race. Communications personnel are not official spokespersons for the Can Am Crown race. They will broadcast only official race information as stated by the Race Marshal, checkpoint judges or Can-Am Crown race committee members.

Licensed ham radio operators are required for the following:
1. Set up communications equipment.
2. Keep records of official times in and out of checkpoints, dogs dropped, mushers scratched, and official communications traffic.
3. Maintain communications with Can-Am Net Control.
4. Transmit race data to Net Control promptly.
5. Keep in touch with trail sweeping operations and the Maine Warden Service if the need arises.
6. Provide a link to other checkpoints.

Gale Flagg
Fort Kent, ME