NOTE: The following handler duties are to be performed ONLY by Can-Am Crown volunteers.
A musher's personal handler is only allowed to help at the start and the finish,
unless the Race Marshal gives the personal handler express permission to perform other tasks.

1. A group of 4 to 6 handlers may be required to assist teams to the starting line and hold for the countdown. Be careful not to step on a dog’s feet!

2. One handler may be needed to ride with each musher down Main Street to help weigh down the sled.

3. At checkpoints and the finish, handlers may be needed to help guide dog teams to and from their resting places. If an arriving musher is not taking a layover, help move the team to an area where the team will not disturb resting teams or interfere with those who are entering or leaving the checkpoint. Be careful not to step on a dog’s feet!

4. If the musher is taking a layover, help move the team to a resting area. Provide hot water (if available) and one bale of straw for each team. Carry food bags to the proper teams. Handlers may help mushers get water, straw and supplies, but must not take part in the primary care and feeding of the dogs unless the dogs have been dropped from the race. Handlers may bring food and drink to the mushers.

5. After a team pulls out, rake up the straw into a neat pile.