Families are needed to host Can-Am dogsled racing mushers and handlers. The Can-Am competitors racing in the 30 and 60-mile races will need host families from Thursday, March 2, to Sunday; March 4. The Can-Am competitors racing in the 250-mile race will need a host family from Thursday, March 2 to Tuesday, March 6.

You don't need to be a Can-Am planner to host a mushing team. You just need a spare bedroom and a willingness to share your home, your life and your world with someone who will become your friend. Hosting a musher gives you a chance to learn about a culture unlike any other.

The number of mushers has increased over the years and so does the need for host families. Families who have hosted in the past have made friends with people from across the world ... friendships they will never forget.

If you would like to become a host family, fill out and submit the volunteer form, or if you have questions, call Karen at 834-3855.

Karen Ouellette
(207) 834-3855