This job requires an internet connection, good writing skills, attention to detail, and experience using a word processor.

  1. Write and deliver (by mail, fax, e-mail, or personally) press releases to newspapers when new race information becomes available. Most important is a press release soon after the new race date is determined.

  2. Press releases should include as much of the following information as is known at the time of writing:

    a. Date of the races

    b. Location of the start site and finish site

    c. Sponsors & purses

    d. Start times of all three races

    e. Distance(s)

    f. Significant rule changes

    g. Checkpoint locations


  3. Submit race information to Sled Dog Central at

  4. Submit race information to Mushing Magazine’s Events Calendar & Club Directory. The deadline to submit the information is September 1st. The information must be updated every year. Mushing Magazine does not use your previous season's contact information.

  5. In September or early October, submit a 1/4-page advertisement to Mushing Magazine for the November/December issue. Submit a half-page ad to Team & Trail for the November issue. Include date of the race, purse sponsors, contact information, and a statement that we are now accepting registrations of qualified applicants. Note: These ads may not be necessary if the race rosters are full before September.

  6. Update and proofread posters and brochures before the final printing.

  7. Publish the media information pamphlet. Important! This brings in outside coverage of the races, taking some pressure off Can-Am’s publicity agent and giving us nationwide exposure. Immediately after Christmas, mail a cover letter and copies of the pamphlet to any media outlet which might be expected to provide coverage of the races. This includes local and state radio and TV stations, magazines ranging from DownEast to National Geographic, and U.S. and Canadian newspapers. The pamphlet has had the following organization:

    a. Can-Am Crown’s mission statement

    b. A table showing the number of entries, spectators, volunteers, and the purses for every year of the races. Numbers for all three races are combined.

    c. Sponsors and supporters

    d. Schedule of events

    e. A map of the race trail, indicating the best public spectator points

    f. A history of the Can-Am races

    g. Tables of the top 3 finishers in each race from 1993 to the present. Finisher’s home state or province is included.

    h. The complete race rules for all three races.

    i. A list of the current Can-Am Crown Directors with their phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.

    j. A list of race officials and their contact information. The officials list includes the race coordinators, race marshals, security director, chief veterinarian, chief medic, trail veterinarians, trail boss, Can-Am Central director, start setup director(s), transportation director, dropped dog transporter(s), checkpoint coordinators, web master, hospitality director, awards ceremony director, and information booth director.

    k. Travel directions and information

    l. A list of St. John Valley lodging facilities (U.S. and Canadian), including phone numbers

    m. Suggestions for media coverage

    n. The inside front cover of the pamphlet contains the internet address of the Can-Am Crown website and the telephone number for Can-Am Central (207-834-5626).

    o. The back cover contains the Can-Am Crown mailing address.

  8. At least 3 weeks before the race, send a fax advertising the races to WAGM TV 8's County Calendar. Mark the fax “Att: County Calendar”.

  9. When the races are finished and results are final, report the results asap to Sled Dog Central, Mushing Magazine, Team & Trail, and Sled Dog Sports.

Allen Deeves
207-834-3155 ext 3355