IWC250 Race MarshalWJC60 and PBC30 Race Marshals

Georges Theriault

(506) 684-0567

255 Chaleur St.
Charlo, New Brunswick
Canada E8E 2B8
John Pelletier

(207) 834-5259

2304 St. John Road
St. John Plt, ME 04743
Miaja Jackson

(207) 834-2243

2526 St. John Road
St. John Plt, ME 04743

The Race Marshal shall work in conjunction with the Can-Am Crown Race Committee and the Chief Veterinarian on all aspects of the race from the finalization of the race rules and conduct of the musher’s meetings to the awards banquet.

Specific major duties of the race marshal include:

1. Preside over the musher’s meeting.

2. Interpret the race rules in regard to infractions and penalties.

3. Assist with teams at the starting line. Note: Start times are preset. If a musher does not show up, leave his/her time slot empty (ghost rider). Avoid altering the preset start times. If circumstances make alteration necessary, please inform Can-Am Central (834-5626) immediately.

4. Visit each active checkpoint to officiate during the race.

5. Resolve disputes among mushers.

6. Maintain records regarding disputes, musher conduct, rule violations, penalties, and credits.

7. Discuss issues of weather, trail conditions, etc. with mushers.

8. Direct checkpoint judges in their areas of responsibility including completion of record forms.

9. Report any problems directly to the Can-Am Crown Race Committee.

10. Maintain an advocacy role for CAC when communicating with the public and the news media. During the race, official announcements concerning rule violations, protests, penalties, and accidents shall be made exclusively by the Race Marshal.

If the Race Marshal must make a determination in any dispute from the start of the race to the finish, he/she shall first communicate with the Can-Am Crown Race Committee or attempt to do so. Race judges will act as deputies of the Race Marshal. The Chief Veterinarian and the Race Marshal, acting in concert, will have final authority to remove a dog from the race.

Race Termination or Delay: A race in progress may be terminated or delayed (for a maximum of 24 hours) only by majority approval of the CACRC. If the Race Marshal believes that conditions are imminently life-threatening, then he/she, with the permission of any three (3) of the following; the Trail Supervisor, a Checkpoint Coordinator, the Race Coordinator, and/or Safety Coordinator, may halt the race (for a maximum of two hours) until the members of the CACRC are notified and polled.