This job requires resourceful individuals with first aid training and good judgment. Search and rescue training is desirable.

1. Become familiar with the rules of the race.

2. Provide emergency assistance to mushers and their teams, if needed. Any assistance provided should be for the safety of the mushers and their teams. Any assistance provided should be reported to the Race Marshal or a judge at the next checkpoint. Except in emergencies, do not take food to a musher, do not help with ordinary care of a team, do not break trail for a musher, and do not do anything which might give a musher a competitive advantage. Consult with the musher before administering any type of assistance.

5. Do not pass any teams unless a situation has occurred that requires your assistance. If it becomes necessary to pass a team, first make the musher aware that you need to pass. Do not take off-trail shortcuts to crisis points unless you are thoroughly familiar with the condition, layout, and safety of alternate routes.

6. Administer any first aid as needed.

7. Assist with extraction of a musher and/or dog team as needed.

8. Try to maintain communications with nearby checkpoints.

Jim Marquis