A veterinary assistant should have some medical knowledge, have experience in safe dog handling and restraint,
be able to follow directions well, and have good communication skills.

A veterinary assistant may be required to:

1.assist with exams and medical procedures
2.make notes in the medical record books and on treatment sheets
3.assist in the collection of blood and urine samples for drug testing
4.monitor dogs with medical conditions during layovers or after being dropped from the race
5.administer treatments and keep notes on the condition of dropped dogs
6.relay information from the veterinarians to officials

Veterinary Assistants for 2018

Kathryn Marles LVTTechnician
Fayth Weed LVTTechnician
Alisa Rosi-Carney LVTTechnician
Sue Marasci LVTTechnician
Amanda DemuszAssistant
Angela FlanaginAssistant
Jose OsarioAssistant
Alexandra BrunetVeterinary Student
Courtney DixonVeterinary Student