Can-Am Crown Volunteers

Volunteers must perform their tasks without prejudice.

Whatever services they provide for one dog team must be provided for all teams.

Volunteers are expected to behave in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner.

Mushers and volunteers are expected to refrain from using or supplying alcoholic drinks during the races.

Suspected rule violations should be reported to the Race Marshal, Chief Veterinarian, a checkpoint judge, or a Director. Do not discuss violations with anyone else.

Checkpoint Jobs

Try not to make too much noise while mushers and volunteers are sleeping.

Bring adequate clothing and gear (i.e., sleeping bag, headlamp) for prolonged exposure to extreme cold.

Checkpoints #2 and #3 are not open to spectators. The limited food and facilities are needed for mushers and working staff. Please do not bring family and friends with you unless they are authorized by the checkpoint coordinator and are willing and able to significantly contribute to the work.

Do not travel from checkpoint to checkpoint without authorization from Can-Am Central or the coordinator at the destination checkpoint.

Remain at the checkpoint until it is closed or until you are released by the checkpoint coordinator.

We rely on landowners for the use of trails and checkpoint facilities. Please keep premises clean.