The following Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Races will start on March 2, 2019:

The Musher's Meetings are scheduled as follows:
IWC 250 WJC 100 PACB 30
5:30 p.m. Friday March 1, 2019 4:30 p.m. Friday March 1, 2019 4:30 p.m. Friday March 1, 2019
Fort Kent Municipal Office Fort Kent Municipal Office Fort Kent Municipal Office
Fort Kent, Maine Fort Kent, Maine Fort Kent, Maine

The Race Marshall for the 250 mile race will be John Kaleta of Eagle Lake, Maine, who has run in several of the Can-Am Crown 250 mile races.

Continuing as Race Marshals for the 30-mile and 100-mile races will be Miaja Jackson and John Pelletier of St. John, Maine.

The Chief Veterinarian for 2019 will be Nick Pesut, VMD (207-764-6392), who has served as a Trail Veterinarian or Chief Veterinarian at every Can-Am Crown race since the beginning.


All race trails will be broken and marked before the race. Due to weather conditions, there is no guarantee of a broken trail during the race. The CAN-AM CROWN organization guarantees that reflective trail markers will appear along the race trail. Mileage markers will be set within 10 miles of each checkpoint. Each checkpoint will be staffed until all teams reach the next safety station along the trail. A hot meal will be available for 250-mile race participants when they arrive at the first checkpoint in Portage. Due to management changes west of Portage, the locations and available facilities for the second and third checkpoints have not yet been determined. However, checkpoint #4 will be located in Allagash as usual. Meals, shelter, and facilities will be available there. Checkpoints are fully accessible by vehicle, but closed to team handlers and the general public in the North Maine Woods Area. Each checkpoint will be equipped with two-way radio communication, first aid and veterinary care. Judges will be present at every checkpoint, and the race marshal will be circulating from checkpoint to checkpoint. Radio contact is maintained with the race marshal at all times.

Most of the trails are on private property, which CAN-AM CROWN has received permission to use. Please respect these generous landowners.

The CAN-AM CROWN organization takes steps to improve the safety of drivers and their teams and to ensure fair competition in partnership with the team owner and driver. A driver's personal safety is ultimately the responsibility of the driver. At each checkpoint, it is the driver's decision whether or not to continue the race, provided that the driver has satisfied the rules of the race. Race organizers improve safety by providing radio communication at every checkpoint and safety personnel between each checkpoint. The safety personnel are equipped with a two-way radio and trained in first aid and CPR. Safety for CAN-AM CROWN events is backed by experienced professionals from the Maine Warden Service should the need for search and rescue arise. Teams are responsible for all costs associated with search and rescue. Medical facilities are available in both Fort Kent and Caribou. In most cases these facilities may be reached in minutes, and air rescue transport is available

Veterinary examinations and care will be provided by a team of licensed veterinarians and technicians. Veterinarians are equipped for emergency treatment of sick or injured dogs. If the Chief Veterinarian and the Race Marshall mutually agree that a dog should be dropped, then the dog must be dropped.

To accommodate the individual pre-race and post-race needs of each team, the CAN-AM CROWN organization will provide assistance in every way possible. Please let us know if you have any special needs or concerns.

Musher's Awards: To celebrate your accomplishment, the directors have arranged a dinner and awards ceremony after each racing event. The awards dinner is held in the evening after the conclusion of the CAN-AM CROWN 250. An award brunch is held the morning after the 100 and 30 mile races. There is no fee for team drivers. These award gatherings are the highlight of the race series, a celebration for you, your fans, friends and fellow mushers!

Lodging: Ample lodging is available near the race start if you reserve early. If you prefer, our hospitality committee will find a host family for you and your team, but notice must be given at least two weeks before the race by calling Karen Ouellette at (207) 834-3855. Some commercial lodging is equipped with kennel facilities or private grounds and some are offering special musher rates. Additional lodging information.

Transportation and Dog Handling: You must provide the Can-Am Crown with the name of your handler for the 250 mile race. You are responsible for any losses or damages to your property. Food shipments to checkpoints may be arranged at the mushers' meeting and must be properly wrapped and marked. Dogs that are dropped during the race are cared for by experienced dog handlers at little or no cost. Arrangements are made for the return of your dog according to your instructions to checkpoint officials.

CAN-AM CROWN, Inc. is committed to the sport of sled dog racing and healthful outdoor recreation. Our goal is to maintain the CAN-AM CROWN Races as one of the largest outdoor sporting events in the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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